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The Triple 'R' Ranch offers a vast array of retreats to help you grow in your walk with Jesus. Try out one of our retreats offered throughout the year or we can work with you and/or your group to develop a custom retreat that will best meet your needs. 

Steph and Dave bring over 25 years of ministry experience leading people and groups from all over the world. They are  excited to bring that to South Dakota to help lead South Dakota and beyond to the feet of Jesus. Many have come and walked away impacted, changing the trajectory of their lives. 

Along with the retreats we lead, when there is room we are happy to host your group. If you have the retreat planned out (speakers, worship, experiences) and you just need a place to host the retreat then come on out to the Ranch and you will love the atmosphere and it will be a big help in your retreat experience. 

The Ranch is purposely "out of the way" to offer you a true get away experience. You will be free from distractions and the distance offers your group a time for connection before you even arrive. Dave and Steph can help to offer some exercises to help prep you and your group to make the most of the journey out here whether you journey is a couple hours or a couple of days, we are here for you.

So, you are welcome to check out our many retreat offerings or see if the Ranch would work for your group to come to have fellowship and opportunities to connect with God.