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Pastors and Leaders Come find Your Arbel


"In these days he (Jesus) went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God."  Luke  6:12

Mt. Arbel is a mountain that overlooks the Sea of Galilee near modern day Tiberias. This is the mountain that Luke 6:12 refers to and became one of the key places for Jesus to commune with the Father. We have had the opportunity to sit at the top of Mt. Arbel and had some incredible moments with the Father ourselves. 

We have been in Ministry for over 25 years and, like you, we have experienced all kinds of ministry. We have experienced times when God's Spirit floods our ministry and we see great things, when we walk day after day filled with Enthusiasm to love God and serve God. We have also experienced the other side of things as well. We know times when it felt like we are hitting our heads against a brick wall, times we have felt dry and times when it seems like we fail at every turn. 

What we have learned is that in it all, we need times of refreshing, we believe we need our own Mt. Arbel. We love Pastors and Ministry leaders and we realize that you have a love for God and a love for those you minister to each day. God is using you greatly, more than you can even imagine and God is using you to regularly change the eternities for people all around you.  Like us, you at times experience the opposite of those times.

Whatever season you are in right now we believe that regular times  away to the "mountain" will restore your life and renew you, readying you for ministry moving forward. This time was so crucial that Jesus exclaimed that "he could do nothing by himself", He NEEDED those times with the Father.

"Jesus gave them this answer; "Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does." 

We believe it was in these times in the wilderness, on top of the mountain that Jesus was shown what to do and given what to say. Jesus regularly got away in to rest in the Father and I believe that Jesus invites us to live as He lived. Jesus gave up himself each day he ministered to the people and He also knew how to rest in the presence of the Father as well. Jesus saw that both had to take place. Work Hard, Rest Well. 

You will enjoy the following when you take a personal retreat at Triple 'R' Ranch....

1. World Class Accommodations- Get a good rest in one of our six rooms with comfortable beds and plenty of space.

Then enjoy the massive fireplace and the great room. Enjoy food in our kitchen and dining area.

2. Meals provided for you or, you are able to prepare your own meals 

3. The beauty of creation- The Ministry sits atop a cliff overlooking the Moreau River Valley and provides breathtaking scenery, especially the sunrises and sunsets. 

4. A quiet place to be with the Father. Whether you are inside or outside you will have plenty of space to be with the Father.

5. Take advantage of a retreat prepared for you by Triple "R" Ranch staff or come and enjoy a retreat designed by you.

6. Experience life/ministry changing counseling as you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

7. We believe a few days at The Triple 'R' Ranch will have a life-changing impact on your life, your family and your ministry. 

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