Marriage Renewal Counseling

Help For Those Who Want to Dive Deeper

Your Marriage is worth the effort!

We would be honored to work with you to discover a deeper, more meaningful relationship with you and your spouse. Whether you are wanting to just grow your marriage or you find your marriage in a very difficult spot, we are happy to walk alongside you toward the marriage God intended for you.

The Triple 'R' Ranch offers an unique opportunity as it offers you a chance to "get away" from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and allows you to give an extended time of focus and attention to your spouse. We like to say that people are walking into the "safest place on earth" as you enter into a "judgement free" zone. Our desire is for you to rest before the Lord, allow Him to fill you with His love and allow us time to hear your story, talk through your challenges and then seek God together on the direction He has for you. 

Dave and Steph have been involved with Pastoral counseling for over 25 years and have since been trained in helping people overcome emotional and spiritual conflicts. They have also worked with many couples over the past 10 years and have experienced great success in encouraging and building up married couples. They have a passion to also, help couples and families journey through difficult life circumstances either a family trauma, loss or other difficulty. 

A typical counseling retreat involves teaching and exercises:

1. Identity and Freedom Teaching

2. Combating lies with the truth

3. Working through the past while gaining a fresh vision toward the future.

4. Your story meets God's 

5. Times of prayer

6. Opportunity to tell you story and much more

7. Times of personal reflection and introspection

8. Counseling exercises for each person and as a couple

9. Freedom in Marriage tool

A typical marriage counseling weekend schedule:

Arrival: Wednesday for Supper 

Meet: Thursday-Saturday

Departure: Sunday morning after breakfast

Call Dave Johnston at 865-313-1834 or email at