Marriage Retreats

Rustic Romance


Set Your Marriage Free in the Great Outdoors!

Steph and Dave believe that marriage is one of the most amazing ideas in God's creation. They also believe that anything that 

is worth investing in is worth putting in the work. Marriage is wonderful but it is not without it's challenges and this is where so many marriages struggle! It is hard to experience all God has for you and your marriage if you aren't walking together in your freedom. So, we invite you to come SET YOUR MARRIAGE FREE! This will be the best thing you can do to care for your spouse and your marriage let alone your kids. When you live together and parent out of a place of freedom you begin to live the life and marriage that God designed you to live!

We Design these retreats with both the wife AND husband in mind. Most men struggle sitting for long periods of time and often can feel beat up and undervalued in these kinds of settings. NOT HERE, we believe that both men and women are highly valuable and capable of amazing love and care for each other and your family. 


To Help with this, Rustic Romance Retreats:

1. Utilize the outdoors 

2. Have campfire nights (when weather permits, otherwise we can still sit around the amazing fireplace!)

3. Engage you in Exercises that are fun and enjoyable for both husband and wife

4. Provide you with good food that both will enjoy.

5. Treat you to rustic yet elegant accommodations

6. Host a camp out in the valley near The Lodge. (Special Retreat during warm weather months only)

7. Lead you in fun, engaging times of teaching

8. Encourage you with Prayer and listening Partners

9. Offer one-on-one opportunities to work through issues with Dave and Steph as your counselors. 

10. Give you time for you and your spouse to connect on your own. 

Most Retreats begin at 6:00p.m. on a Friday and end after lunch on Sunday. (Retreats with the camp out option will begin on Thursday night and end on Sunday after lunch.)

You will engage in sessions like:

1. Their May be a LIE in your BeLIEf system

2. Hurt People Hurt People

3. Identity leads to Freedom in Your Marriege and Family

4. Redeeming Your Story

5. Catch a Fresh Vision for Your Future

6. Freedom tool for Couples