Infusion Ministries

Awakening Identity & Establishing Freedom In the Body of Christ

Stephanie and Dave have had the pleasure of ministering with Infusion Ministries in Knoxville Tennessee since 2010. During that time they have had the honor of ministering to thousands in several places around the country and world. 

The message of Identity and Freedom has changed the trajectory of their lives forever and is a centerpiece of the ministry here at Triple 'R' Ranch. We invite you to take part in retreats and teachings here or go to one of the Summits offered in Knoxville.


We highly encourage you to go to the website and check out the life-changing resources. We encourage you to begin with "Stomping Out the Darkness" for youth and "Victory Over the Darkness" for adults. Then, pick up the "Bondage Breaker" which comes in both youth and adult versions. 

Below you can see how you can take part in a training via video through the website. The best thing is that Infusion offers the videos for free to help you awaken your identity and establish your freedom as a Child of God. We are so thankful to be a part of this ministry.

Why Infusion Ministries?

  • Our Vision: Set Captives Free – To see God’s truth infused in His people so they might abide in Christ and bear fruit. John 15:5

  • Our Mission: Make Authentic Disciples – To equip leaders to model authentic discipleship. Matthew 28:19-20;Ephesians 4:11-13

  • Our Process: Resource the Church – To provide life changing resources through small group materials, conferences and freedom tools. Colossians 2:6-10

  • Our Invitation: Partner with Us – We invite you to invest your prayers, talents, spiritual gifts and financial resources to develop the body of Christ so it can be free to fulfill the great commandment and the great commission. Matthew 6:19


Discover who you are in Christ and how you can experience lasting freedom, with Dr. Dave Park and the Infusion team, by watching the EPIC Identity, Freedom, and Journey videos. Start by watching the first 12 videos below, from our EPIC Identity Series. Next move on to the EPIC Freedom videos, then complete your viewing with our EPIC Journey series. After you have watched the EPIC Life videos, you may want to study our EPIC Life workbook notes, which will help you dig deeper into the messages and grasp important scriptural truths. EPIC Workbooks or the video series are also perfect for use in your small group. EPIC Workbooks can be purchased to enhance your small group experience.

Contact the office at- 865-966-1153 or

find the videos and other resources at