Family Retreats

Retreat with Your Family at The Triple 'R' Ranch


One of our key areas of ministry is to the family. Today, the family is under fire and sticking together as we maneuver through life can be difficult. We invite you to come out to the Ranch as a family for some r and r, some ministry or counseling if that would be a benefit to the life of your family. Most importantly, come out to bask in the beauty God created. 

While you enjoy your surroundings, take time to lead your family toward a more intimate relationship with God. We encourage you to be intentional whether that means doing devotions as a family each day or ask us about our ready made family retreat experiences that we can guide you together. 

Picture a family devotion around a campfire we build for you or gathered around the massive fireplace in our greatroom. We could lead you on a hike or point you to where you and your family can go for a hike around the ranch. 

So bring your family or come as a family with other families from your church or ministry. We are excited to serve you!

Call us at 865-313-1834 to schedule your self guided retreat or how we can design a retreat that will be a life changing experience for you all.

Note: We do "Family Reunions" of 10 or more on a limited basis and currently is limited to those that are monthly donors to the ministry.