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Dave and Stephanie have spent the past 10+ years being trained in the truth of our identity and freedom in Christ. These truths have changed their lives and they have watched as these truths have changed the lives of countless numbers of people as they have been entrusted to teach this message. They have been discipled and trained by some of the best minds in the world and they are excited to bring that to South Dakota and beyond. 

The following teaching retreats can be done one at a time or you can plan for a long weekend and knock them all out in three or four days together. These teachings may be one of the single most important experiences that you, your church and/or your family will experience. Understanding who you are, your freedom and how to get rid of junk in your life will set you free to live the life God designed you to live every day. 

You are invited to attend one of our retreats we hold throughout the year or you can work with us to lead your group in one of these retreats. We look forward to serving you and/or your group or family. Call us today!

EPIC Identity:

This retreat will help you destroy negative false identity equations that cause you to strive and stress over aspects of your life you were never meant to focus. This will help you claim your mighty inheritance in Christ. You're not a product of your past. But you are a product of the cross. This teaching was birthed out of Neil Andersons/Dave Parks best-selling book "Stomping Out the Darkness" . Here we will explain the timeless biblical truths that shape your true identity in Christ. The late Bill Bright, the founder of Campsus Crusade for Christ, said, "The Lord has given Neil and Dave a great message that will speak to the critical needs of youth and adults today. 

When people find their freedom in Christ, they will experience the love, power, and joy of God."  Today, you can begin to discover who you really are in Christ. 

5 Sessions Including:

Message 1: Our Authority in Christ

Message 2: Your New Identity in Christ

Message 3: Say Yes! to the EPIC LIfe

Message 4: Becoming Who You Really Are

Message 5: EPIC Love of the Father

EPIC Freedom:

We all can experience times in life where we are being controlled by destructive habits or addictions. Life often brings feelings of fear, anger and bitterness. Satan wants to keep us in bondage so we live our lives weak and ineffective. But Jesus came to set the captives free so we can live our best life no matter the circumstances in life. 

The battle for your freedom has already been won. If you are a follower of Jesus you are on the winning side. Come learn how to live that out and take hold of what is yours in Christ. It's time to claim your victory! 

In EPIC Freedom you will be tought the message that Neil Anderson and Dave Park wrote about in the bestselling book "The Bondage Breaker" . These books interate Jesus' invitation to help you overcome temptation, accusation and deception and win the battle for your mind.

5 Sessions Including:

Message 1: EPIC Walk of Faith

Message 2: Battle For the Mind

Message 3: Breaking Down Strongholds

Message 4: Forgiving From the Heart

Message 5: Living the EPIC Life

EPIC Journey:

We all desire to walk in freedom but many of us struggle to find something to help make that happen. Jesus is the one who sets us free but he has also given us tools to help us in that journey. The EPIC Journey has been intentionally designed to help you close specific doors on the enemy, lay down lies you have believed, to walk towards Jesus in Freedom, to win the battel for the mind and to finally become the new person Jesus has already made you to be. Start your journey today and begin living a truly epic life.

10 Petitions Including:

Petition 1: You Have An Abba Father

Petition 2: The Proper Worship of God

Petition 3: Seeking God's Guidance

Petition 4: Yielding to God's Plans

Petition 5: Your Provision in Christ

Petition 6: Claiming Freedom From Sin and Bondage

Petition 7: Forgiving Those Who Hurt You

Petition 8: Claiming Your Victory in Christ

Petition 9: Claiming Your Protection in Christ

Petition 10: Benediction 

Extra Petition: Overcoming Fear

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