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… to come REST, RESTORE, and RENEW, at the beautiful Triple 'R' Ranch… a ministry center in Western South Dakota, where we provide an atmosphere of rest. Some may benefit greatly from the physical rest of a good long nap! While a nap feels good, true rest, is so much deeper than that. We desire to give you a place where the Spirit of God begins to stir intimacy within you. When we slow down, we tend to hear God so much clearer and we experience a connection with Him.


One of my favorite places on planet earth is Mt. Arbel, a mountain towering over the beautiful Sea of Galilee in Israel. This is a place of profound spiritual meaning for me as I “met with” God there on top of that mountain. It was the Summer of 2015 during Infusions yearly tours to the Holy Land. I didn’t even know where we were going when I got on the bus that morning, let alone what was about to happen.

During a time of worship, we were all significantly stirred by the Holy Spirit leading to more worship, times of prayer and declaring the greatness of our God. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by several people laying on hands, praying for me. Prayers of blessing began to flow from the people surrounding me and I began to see Jesus in a way I never had before. I experienced intimacy and union with God on a level I have never been exposed to before. Life changing!

Mt. Arbel is the place Jesus frequented during his time on earth. He would hike to the top of Arbel after a long day of ministry for one purpose. He wanted to spend time with His Father. Jesus made a lifestyle of “being with the Father” as it was essential to his life and ministry here. But most of all, he loved to experience intimacy with the Father. Jesus also needed that time with the Father as everything that Jesus did and said came from the Father. Scripture is not a book of exceptions but of examples, Jesus was showing us a pattern of life that begins with intimacy with the Father. Our greatest need.


So why all this talk about Arbel … when promoting Triple 'R' Ranch Ministry Center? Because that is our vision for “The Triple 'R'.” We invite you to a place where you can experience intimacy with God. Like Jesus, we can leave behind the demands of our every day and find a place to rest in God. This helps to restore you from the inside out leading to a mind that is renewed and a life transformed.

So many of us live life at a rat race type pace. Frankly, life can be even harder to live than it was to say the previous sentence! Many times we feel as though we are about to “arrive” at our destination, over the next hill, only to see we have so much further to go.  Many of us live life tired. Tired spiritually, physically, emotionally leading to feelings of extreme anxiety, loss of direction and ultimately depression and a desire to give up.

Our physical bodies demand rest. Try going even a day or two without it and it will scream for your attention, eventually taking over and controlling you. We cannot fight physical rest for long. Resting in Jesus is different, deny it and it will back off, resist and it will allow you to do that. You can do this and there doesn’t even seem to be much consequence, at least initially. What does happen is we get to a point and wonder why we have lost sight of who God is, who we are, we lose connections with friends and family. What came so easy before seems impossible now. It seems for most of us, we are not aware of our neglect until we get in over our head and lose sight of the things that really matter.

I am so glad that Jesus doesn’t beat us over the head about our neglect.No, not even close, but I love what he does. He keeps knocking. Jesus simply invites us to be with Him. He doesn’t push or pull or guilt or humiliate. He simply invites. When I say yes to that invitation, I ALWAYS leave rested, restored and renewed.






God will RESTORE the truth of your inheritance. You will begin to see how good God is and His plans for you, you will open your heart to him. When that happens you will begin to understand the inheritance that is your birthright in Christ. You will learn to walk in more of who God is and who you are in Him. You will begin to take the ground that you have given over by closing doors on the enemy and begin taking hold and living out the freedom that is yours. You will be encouraged and trained in how to internalize your identity and freedom in Christ. It’s amazing how intimacy with God and restoring those places that have seemingly been lost leads to incredible renewal of your mind.

You will RENEW your mind. Romans 12:2 says, “do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.” So many of us ask the question, “God what am I supposed to do?” We believe that the first question is really, “God what lies am I believing that I am to reject and what truth am I to accept? When that happens, you will begin to experience a renewal in the way you think leads to a better understanding of the direction God has for you moving forward.



Dave & Steph Johnston believe this is a longing within all of us, to have the opportunity to experience these things surrounded by God’s creation. Once you arrive at the Triple 'R', you will have the opportunity to sleep in comfortable beds, eat delicious meals, watch sunrises and sunsets and sit in front of a fire in the massive fireplace. You will enjoy the solitude and beauty of the Moreau River valley as you see deer and other animals in the valley below.

You are INVITED. First, by God to come to Him and find rest, second, by us.  We hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve you. You will know that you are valued and loved,  by God and also by the staff at the Triple 'R'  Ranch Ministry Center. You are invited to join us for a time of intimacy with God, and to experience Rest, Restoration and Renewal.


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